The kindest way to care for your clothes
Worry-free washing

Engineered for gentleness

gentlewasher, what's in a name? Built to protect your beloved hand-wash only garments. 


Wash anywhere

Your clothes are part of your identity. It's a comforting feeling that you'll never have to run out of clean clothes, wherever you are. 

Kind to our environment

That gentlewasher does not use electricity might be clear. But even on water saving, this small product does great things. 

Technical Specs

Body and Drum
body and drum made from UV and detergent resistant polymer
see through sliders for easy access and visibility
Axis, Shoulder Bolt and Drum-Fixer
machined from Stainless Steel
casted from aluminium, finished with buffing
Revolving Handle, Bearing Bracket and Bearing
made from POM, for frictionless rotation
Water connectors
click-in, click-out. Easy peasy
Detachable drum
ideal for cleaning the inside of the drum and body. No detergent residues.
Rubber cushions
no slippery slope. Keeps gentlewasher in place while using.