Tech Specs

We’ll admit it – we love good design. In fact, our friends go as far as calling us design nerds when they take a closer look at the gentlewasher. We’re proud of the thought and effort that went into the design of the gentlewasher; actually we want to do a bit of a self high-five and share the amazing technical specs with you.

1. body (1a) and drum (1b) made from UV and detergent resistant polymer

2. see through sliders

3. moving contact points (axis (3a), shoulder bolt (3b), drum-fixer (3c)) made from stainless steel

4. handle made from casted aluminum

5. revolving handle (5a), bearing bracket (5b) and bearings (5c) made from POM for frictionless rotation

6. click in click-out water connectors

7. detachable drum

8. rubber cushions on the bottom for added stability