Worry Less. Wash Better.

Save time. Love your clothes. Make an impact.

Think heavy duty meets hand wash.

“It was love at first sight! I use the gentlewasher several times weekly for all of my family’s clothing. I do have a full size washer and dryer but hate to waste electricity, plus regular hand washing is so hard on clothing.”—Alicea

With its Honeycomb Core™ Technology, the gentlewasher is a beautifully simple way to give your clothes a deep, but gentle clean and live up to your values 
—in just 5 minutes.

Save timeand still get a deep clean — our patented technology is more effective and efficient, making laundry time effortless.

Love your clothes; no more harsh spin cycles or toxic dry-cleaning chemicals

Make a positive impact on the planet andon billions of lives—5 billion to be exact

Alleviate “half-load” guilt, or hours wasted at the laundromat

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The gentlewasher is perfect for you if
You like having clean clothes without hassle
and you’re...

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That’s a LOAD of impact in just 5 minutes

2 minutes to wash, 2 minutes to rinse, 0 electricity

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Engineered to be ridiculously efficient and easy

(Just ask that small child in the video below)

Use with any faucet
Includes 3 universal adapters, 1/2, 3/4, and 1 inch —click in, click out connection to any faucet

UV and detergent resistant polymer for body & drum.Stainless steel axis, shoulder bolt & drum-fixer.

Increased Water Efficiency
Fewer moving parts & a sleek new design mean an even gentler wash, with less water.

Revolving handle, bearing & bearing bracket made from POM for frictionless rotation.

Better Base Stability
Durable rubber cushions keep the base in place during use. No slippery slopes!

Kid Friendly
A child lock on the handle keeps even the most curious little ones safe :)

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You’ll be doing laundry anyway...why not do it better?

Empower the planet. One clean t-shirt at a time. At no risk to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Great question. Even with the “delicate” setting, washing machines tend to be rough on clothes. The gentlewasher’s Honeycomb Core™ technology is specifically designed for delicate, or hand-wash only clothing  i.e. important items you’d rather not put into a washing machine. The gentlewasher is also great for in-between laundry loads, when you simply need to do a small batch of laundry now, without having to wait for a full hamper. 

Our Honeycomb Core ™ drum design is specially engineered to be gentle on delicate items that are meant to be handwashed. However, our customers include outdoor campers and RV owners who wash a variety of clothing on the gentlewasher: t-shirts, pants, and a variety of other textiles in smaller loads. For heavier garments, we recommend washing in smaller quantities and increasing the wash time as needed.

It depends :)

If you have a washing machine available and struggle with delicates and in-between wash loads, then the gentlewasher is a great addition to your laundry arsenal. 

If you don't have a washing machine available (e.g. in apartments or small homes, and while camping or in an RV), then the gentlewasher is the perfect alternative to bulky, resource-heavy washing machines. 

Its length x height x width is 2.5 x 1.6 x 1.3 (feet) or 77 x 49 x 40 (cm). Big enough for a laundry load of about 10-12 t-shirts, and small enough to be put on a countertop or kitchen table.

Yes - with box and packaging, it's around 27 lbs, and without the box it weighs only 23 lbs - about as heavy as a daschund, or twice as heavy as one gallon of paint. 

All kinds of delicate / special care clothing from silk to cotton to cashmere. You can also wash heavier garments, if you see fit, but we recommend washing in smaller quantities and increasing the wash time as needed.

This depends on the kind of clothes you're washing. For very delicate clothes you can fold the garment between a towel, for non-delicate clothes you could go for wringing. Line drying is another option, just be careful your garment does not stretch. 

Yes! For several reasons. The gentlewasher is designed for hand-wash only clothes, that generally don't handle drying (high rotation) or hot water. Those 2 steps are therefore not included in the process with the gentlewasher, saving a lot of time. Thanks to the patented Honeycomb Core™ Technology, the mixing of clothes with water and detergent (which facilitates the cleaning process) happens faster than in a normal washing machine. This makes the washing process with the gentlewasher so quick. 

The box contains 3 universal adapters, 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch and 1 inch, so that you can connect the hose pipe to any type of faucet. 

You can also lift and place directly under a faucet in the tub, for example.

Check our our Getting Started videos.

Save time. Love your clothes. Make an impact.

for just $269