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I don't live in the USA. Can I order?

In order to keep our fulfilment and shipping promises, we launch country per country. Add yourself to the International Waitlist to get priority when we open orders in your country. 

How will my payment be processed?

All our orders are processed through Stripe, the most reliable payment system for e-commerce.

When will I receive my gentlewasher?

Our stock is in our warehouse in New Jersey. Shipping time to New York takes around 2 days, and California 5 days. 

How will my gentlewasher be shipped?

All our orders are shipped through USPS, and we'll provide you with a tracking ID so that you can track your gentlewasher.

How does the 30 Days Full Refund Guarantee work?

In short, we like everyone to try gentlewasher at their home to experience it yourself. For that reason we have included a 30 Days Full Refund Guarantee. It basically means you can try gentlewasher at your home for 30 days, and if you're not satisfied for whatever reason, we provide you with a shipping label. After dropping off the box at the carriers office, you get a full Refund, including the shipping fees. 

gentlewasher vs washing machine

Why should I buy a gentlewasher if I have a washing machine?

Great question. Washing machines tend to be rough on clothes, and especially delicate ones. We developed gentlewasher as a solution for all clothes that you'd rather not wash in the washing machine, eg delicate or hand-wash clothes. If you don't have access to a washing machine, for example in an RV or while camping, then gentlewasher also comes in handy. Even in-between loads are perfectly suitable for gentlewasher. 

Is it only for delicates or hand-wash only?

It is specifically designed for hand-wash only clothes, but that does not mean you can't wash other clothes. As a matter of fact, you can wash every type of garment in gentlewasher. 

Then is this a replacement for a washing machine?

It depends :)

If you have a washing machine available and struggle with delicates, then gentlewasher is your new best friend. 

If you don't have a washing machine available however, for example in your NYC apartment or tiny house, while camping or RV, then gentlewasher is suitable for your needs. 

Using gentlewasher

What are the dimensions?

gentlewasher is length x height x width = 2,5 x 1,6 x 1,3 (feet) = 77 x 49 x 40 (cm)

What is the weight?

With box and packaging around 27 lbs, without box 23 lbs. 

What is the capacity?

gentlewasher fits around 6 lbs, the equivalent of 12 tshirts. 

What kind of clothes can I wash?

Every type of fabric from silk to cotton, and every type of cloth from dresses to underwear. 

How does it work?

Check the how it works video here, or watch the Getting Started videos.

How can it wash clothes in just 2+2 minutes? My washing machine takes at least an hour.

That has several reasons. gentlewasher is designed for hand-wash only clothes, that generally don't handle drying (high rotation) or hot water. Those 2 steps are therefore not included in the process with gentlewasher, saving a lot of time. Thanks to the patented honeycomb drum profiles, the mixing of clothes with water and detergent (which facilitates the cleaning process) happens faster than in a normal washing machine. This makes the washing process with gentlewasher so quick. 

How do I dry the clothes?

This depends on the kind of clothes you're washing. For very delicate clothes you can fold the garment between a towel, for non-delicate clothes you could go for wringing. Line drying is another option, just be careful your garment does not stretch. 

How do I connect it to my faucet?

The box contains 3 universal adapters, 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch and 1 inch, so that you can connect the hose pipe to any type of faucet. 

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