We’re on a mission

To develop an affordable washing device for people around the world. You might be thinking; "USD 269 is not really affordable?"

Keep reading, we get to that later ;)

We believe the washing machine has been the greatest invention of the 20th century.


Because it allowed millions of women to save hours of time, each day. We mention women specifically because doing laundry was (and unfortunately still is) a household task performed mainly by women. Today, in 2017, two billion people in the world have access to a washing machine. Which means 5 billion people don't. They still spend hours every day on washing clothes. The time they could also spend on work, taking care of kids, or education.

Imagine the impact it would have if all those people had an hour of extra time each day.

How do we get there?

gentlewasher is developed with this goal in mind. No electricity required, and minimal on water usage. And most important: a huge time saver. We felt it would be the right strategy to start with a high-end product, gentlewasher in its current form, developed for niche audiences in the Western world.

With each sale, we're getting closer to our big fat dream. Because every gentlewasher sold today, allows us to make revenue and dedicate that revenue to the development of a "gentlewasher for all".

Your purchase today helps us in this mission. Let's make it happen!

Meet the founders


The love for physical products grew early for Coen. As a kid, he would spend hours playing with Lego. From building underwater palaces to castles in the sky; building things was his passion. During his studies, this untamed optimism for exploring new things grew stronger, and that's when the adventure of gentlewasher started for him. Coen can be reached at


Kathak believes that things don’t happen by chance; you have to make them happen! With a Doctorate in Management that will soon be in her kitty, she keeps herself high on a heavy dose of all things culture. She turned her love for food into writing food blogs and relinquishes her love to explore the unknown by frequent off-beat travel. Her passion for clothes and the rich heritage of textiles in India led her to think about changing the way clothes are being washed. She can be reached at


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