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November 29, 2018

Pilling. That ugly little word. It finds its way onto your most favorite sweater and never leaves. It forces you to give away your most prized pieces and just when you thought you were rid of them, you find them forming again on your favorite yoga pants! You know, the ones you wear EVERY DAY. It’s a laundry epidemic that must be stopped and we’re here to give you the tools (and tips) to do it. Your yoga pants are safe. We promise.

1. Wash Separately
Make sure you wash heavier items separately. Heavier items like jeans, towels, and sweatshirts do not belong in the washer with finer fabrics. Yes, you will actually have to start sorting your laundry if you want to save your beloved yoga pants.

2. Wash Inside Out
Wash all garments that may be prone to pilling inside out so any abrasion occurs on the inside of the garment rather than the outside.

3. Skip The Dryer
On your garments that are more prone to pilling, skip the dryer altogether. Line drying is the best way to avoid friction that occurs when your garments rub together.

4. Thank Your Lucky Stars
That you don’t have to buy another 100 dollar pair of yoga pants. A girl’s gotta eat food other than ramen.

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