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November 19, 2018

There’s not a person in the universe that doesn’t like a fluffy towel. Unfortunately, a fluffy towel isn’t so easily achieved. It’s like the unicorn of the laundry realm. Everyone loves a fluffy towel, but no one can actually manifest one. But, you can.  You’re a laundry rockstar and fluffy towels are your game, right?  Let’s get you on the path to fluffy towel manifestation and give you something to write home about.

Tip 1: Keep your towels separated from other garments to reduce lint and achieve a proper clean.

Tip 2: Wash your towels on a hot, long cycle in order to guarantee your towels receive a complete wash

Tip 3: Wash and dry your towels in small loads. An overfilled washer can prevent towels from getting fully clean, leaving behind residue that will leave your towels crunchy and uncomfortable. While an overfilled dryer will leave your towels damp, leading way to smelly mildew. We’ve all had the crunchy/smelly towel experience... not cute.

Tip 4: Shake towels out before putting into the dryer. Throwing a bunched up towel into the dryer will take longer to dry and will cause pesky creases that are hard to get out.

Tip 5: If keeping your towels fluffy feels like an overwhelming task you can always shower less… much less.

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