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December 02, 2018

Nobody’s perfect. You’ve probably made a laundry mistake… or five in your day, but who’s counting? Heck, let’s just call them the beginning of a beautiful and complicated relationship with laundry. Let us help you fail forward with these five mistakes you’re probably making. And let’s take this relationship to the next level. Facebook official? Nothing’s impossible.

Rubbing Stains Furiously
This can actually make the stain worse and can help to ruin the fabric of your garment. Who knew? The best thing for your stained garment is treating it with some TLC. Treat the stain as soon as you can; the less time that passes the more of a chance you’ll have of removing it. When treating the stain, use a white cloth so that colors don’t transfer. Dab, rather than rub, making sure you work from the outside in to keep it from expanding.

Ignoring the Permanent Press Setting On Your Dryer
The permanent press setting exists for a reason. It stops wrinkles before they occur. It uses medium heat with a cool down cycle at the end to minimize creases and wrinkles. Added tip: If you’re not going to fold your laundry right away (What’s a little break, ay?) lay your clothing flat in your laundry basket to minimize creasing. It will save you a lot of ironing time later.

Using Too Much Detergent
Excess detergent can cause your clothing to store residue in its creases. This leads to bacteria buildup. The Fix: Decrease detergent by half and then gradually add more if your clothing isn’t as clean as you want it to be. The less detergent you use, the less you’ll have to make later. Yep, you make laundry detergent, now, remember?

Washing Shirts All Buttoned Up
It may seem like a good idea to wash your shirts all buttoned up, but it can actually put added stress on the buttons and cause premature button loss. Make sure you unbutton all shirts before you put them in the washer. Because that packet of extra buttons you have for that dress shirt is nowhere to be found.

Not Zipping Zippers All The Way Up
The metal teeth of the zipper can snag other delicate garments that are being washed in the same load so make sure you zip any pants, dresses or tops all the way before putting them in the wash. Keep your buttons unbuttoned and your zippers zipped…. It’s getting crazy out here.

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