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November 05, 2018

You’re a responsible adult and responsible adults call their mothers, write thank you cards, and buy cashmere sweaters. That’s right. You own a cashmere sweater and even though you’ll have to eat beans for the rest of the month, it’s all good because you’ve literally never felt anything quite as soft as your new cashmere sweater. And it feels glorious.

How to wash Cashmere
But you see, this is where it gets tricky. The holidays are upon you and you’re a really messy eater. A “never purchase an article of white clothing...ever” kind of eater and so inevitably you WILL have a Jackson Pollock inspired cranberry sauce stain plastered to you like a badge of honor. Not cute...or artsy for that matter.

So now you’re in a tough spot because you remember your mother (did you call her today?) telling you the only way to clean a cashmere (or wool) sweater is to get it laundered at the dry cleaners. But you see the thing is your dry cleaning money just went to that unbearably soft and easily stained sweater you just purchased in the name of adulthood. Dry cleaning is a no go.

Wash your cashmere like a pro

Well, lucky for you, mother doesn’t always know best. We’re going to teach you how to wash your cashmere sweater without breaking the bank, whilst being green, and saving gallons of water. Sounds like a superhero power doesn’t it?

Here we go:

  1. First find yourself a basin (you could also use a sink or bathtub) or the Monono gentlewasher
  2. Fill your basin or gentlewasher with lukewarm water 
  3. Add a squirt of a low alkaline gentle detergent--the higher the alkaline content the harsher it will be on your beloved cashmere. If you can’t find one, you can buy baby shampoo at the local pharmacy. It’s not weird, you could have kids. You’re a responsible adult remember?
  4. Now stick your hand in there and get busy swirling your garment around for about 30 seconds. Resist the urge to rub the fabric together where the stain is. This will cause damage. If you own a gentlewasher then you’ll just turn the handle and the gentlewasher will work its magic.
  5. Time to rinse. Drain the dirty water and add clean cool water. Then turn that handle right round baby right round again to get rid of the soap suds. 
  6. Remove your garment from your gentlewasher or basin and ball it up into a loose ball and gently squeeze. Do not wring out your cashmere sweater or you may find that your month long legume diet was all for naught. Wringing disfigures your garment due to the yarn’s weakness while it’s wet.
  7. To collect any excess water you can roll a towel and your garment up like one of those jelly rolls that we all avoid during the holidays. Jelly roll bad, towel roll good.
  8. Repeat step 7 with a dry towel if garment is still excessively wet.
  9. Lay your garment flat on a drying rack
  10. Pat yourself on the back. You’ve avoided dry cleaning costs and you’ve gone green. Well played.

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