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extend the life of your clothes
Whether it’s your favorite dress, baby clothes, comfy jammies, or gym outfit: enjoy your favourite clothes longer with gentlewasher.

save time, less hassle
Just 5 minutes for a load, that’s it! No more mess in the sink. Or multiple buckets. Or water splashing everywhere. Or the gruelling “wet dog smell” when you forget to take out your clothes from the washing machine.

care for the environment
There seems to be no better time to act than now. gentlewasher uses less water, less detergent and no electricity.

wash small / in-between loads
We all know that guilt feeling when we load the washer half-full. gentlewasher is perfectly suited for medium and small loads.

no mess
One product, one task. This makes life much easier. Washing clothes in the sink will now be history.

save water
With only 1.9 gallons per cubic feet (6 liters per kg), gentlewasher is 50-100% more efficient than the average washing machine.

save money
gentlewasher saves on your use of detergent, thanks to its patented drum profiles. Better for your clothes, wallet and our planet.

With a weight of 24 lbs (11 kg), gentlewasher is easy to move around. Take your gentlewasher with you, wherever you go.

protect skin
Hand-washing can leave your hands itchy. gentlewasher takes care of your hands.

no mildew
gentlewasher’s design leaves plenty of room for open spaces and ventilation, giving mildew or bad smells no chance.

zero maintenance
A product that you often use, needs to work. All the time. gentlewasher is built with this in mind. Durable, and almost zero maintenance.

functional specs

2 + 2 minutes
2 minutes wash, 2 minutes rinse.

4.8 gallons (18 liters) for a full load
2.7 for wash cycle, 2.1 for rinse.

5.5 – 6.5 lbs (2.5 – 3.0 kg) capacity
8 dresses or 12 t-shirts.

max 1/2 tea spoon
Or less if you have a small load.

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beautiful design, amazing engineering

Do one thing; and do it well. Not one part in the spotlight; all have their place and are in support of the whole. So that the design works, and works well.

These fundamentals guided our design process. And we followed this in engineering. Imagine using your own gentlewasher in the comfort of your home. Feels fantastic, right?

custom-made A+ engineering materials

multi-directional water flow

patented honeycomb drum profile

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How about the wash quality? How can it wash in just 2 minutes when my washing machine takes at least 30 minutes?

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