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A hero for your clothes. No more damaged garments. 

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Every load I do, I use less and less soap. And my delicates turn out great - what a blessing. It really makes me want to order more products and be supportive of your company!

– Laura, Tennessee

It's a thing of beauty - my wife and I love the gentlewasher! We appreciate the simplicity and functionality of the design. Since many buildings in NYC don't allow a washer in the apartment this has been a great solution for a lot of my laundry.

– Ted, NYC

All in all, it worked like a charm. Clothes in, added water, turned handle. Thankfully I didn’t add too much laundry cleaner, but I’ll be adding even less next time. Wash/rinse, then hung out on the line to dry… exactly what I was looking for!

– Matthew, Corning

Peace of mind

Your clothes safe, always. gentlewasher: what’s in name? Specifically designed for delicate clothes, your garments will remain as new. Period.

Free up time

Done in 5 minutes. The honeycomb shaped drum profiles enable a deep but gentle wash - leaving you with extra free time.


Wash wherever, whenever. Fits in every home, mobile or condo. No dependency on laundromats, electricity or services.

Easy setup

Wash within seconds. Put gentlewasher in your kitchen or bathroom, plug in the water connectors, and you’re good to go. Turn the handle and see cleanliness happening in front of you.

Real cleanliness

The patented drum can handle up to 12 t-shirts at a time. Water runs in and out of your garment, giving them a deep and thorough clean.

Designed for sustainability

Engineered from the ground up to use minimal water, detergent and materials. For our future.


Ergonomic handle for smooth rotation

Click-in, click-out water connectors

Honeycomb shaped drum profiles throughout the drum

Functional Specs

2 + 2 minutes

2 minutes wash, 2 minutes rinse.

4.8 gallons (18 liters) for a full load

2.7 for wash cycle, 2.1 for rinse.

5.5 - 6.5 lbs (2.5 - 3.0 kg) capacity

8 dresses or 12 t-shirts.

max 1/2 tea spoon

Or less if you have a small load.

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